Managing Waste Effectively

The volume of waste that people around the world create is mindboggling. This has made both governments as well as the many environmental organizations develop various methods to handle this ever increasing problem. These methods are collectively known as Waste Management which is somewhat complicated. This process consists of collection, transportation, and the effective disposal of factors like sewage, garbage etc. These days various options are available to dispose of waste. Here are the more important of them.


Dumping everyday garbage or waste into landfills remains the most favoured way of waste disposal these days. It is in developing countries that landfills usually occur. Although this type of waste disposal has become extremely popular, this is not the sole method of doing away with waste. However, landfills cause problems like as landfills produce methane gas thereby adding to the prevailing air pollution.


Incineration is another way of disposing of municipal waste that is incinerated at extremely high temperatures, thereby changing them into gaseous and residue products. The major benefit of this method is that it lessens the quantity of waste to 20 – 30% of its original volume.

Resource Recovery

Resource recovery is a method that utilizes waste material for a particular next use. Such items are processed in order to recover or extract resources or materials or change them into energy as fuel, electricity or usable heat.


Recycling is a method of transforming waste products into fresh products. This helps in the prevention of energy usage as also consumption of new raw materials. Recycling reduces the use of energy, water and air pollution, volume of landfills, and emission of greenhouse gases as also conserve natural resources for use in the future.


Composting is the method of natural and trouble-free bio-degradation that converts organic wastes into foods rich in nutrients for plants. Composting is a process of decomposition of organic waste by means of microbes that decompose it. It is used in organic farming and is the finest type of waste disposal because it converts risky organic waste into safe compost, quite naturally.

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