Waste Disposal – A Challenging Task – 1

Due to the increase in population growth and a corresponding decrease in available space for storing or disposing of waste, the task of managing waste becomes more difficult as each day passes. This page will offer a brief overview about the challenges involved by the process of waste disposal and the numerous factors that might contribute to a diminished efficiency when it comes to the actual handling and storage of waste.

It is very well-known that producing waste and storing it was an issue even in the medieval times, when, compared to today’s possibilities for waste management, the techniques used then were rudimentary to nonexistent, to say the least. If in the 18th century the global population totaled around 1.5 billion people, the exponential increase experienced in the last 200 years has seen its toll in terms of material consumption, consumerism, waste production and waste storage and disposal. With an increase in population and occupied space in the big cities, came an actual decrease in waste storage space, and this is one of the most pressing current issues when it comes to waste management. Storage space and storage capabilities are one of the most important aspects that need to be covered in order to be able to perform an efficient waste management scheme.

It is well known that third-world countries do not pose an efficient waste management system, quite the contrary, but where the paradox lies, is in the fact that well-developed countries are also having issues with waste management, due to the constant increase in anthropic surfaces, which constantly diminishes the available waste storage space, pushing all waste management companies to seek more space outside of the large cities, in order to minimize the impact on the local population.

However, due to the increase in distance from the waste source, to the actual waste storage facilities, an increase in transportation and handling costs occurs.

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