Waste Disposal – A Challenging Task – 2

Continuing on with the topic of the challenges encountered in waste disposal and management, this blog page is designed to offer a good insight on other issues and problems that might occur in the waste disposal industry, especially in the context of an ever-growing anthropic development all around the globe.

As stated in previous pages, due to the decreased proximity of the actual waste storage facilities and landfills, the increased transportation and handling costs might induce logistic issues in the functioning of any waste management venue. To add to this, with the increase in distance from the actual waste source to the potential waste storage facilities, comes an increase in the hazards and associated risks for the transportation of waste, especially if the said waste has a highly hazardous nature.

Yet another issue that might occur when handling waste management and storing waste is the fact that each different waste type has its different regimen of storage, and this is especially important, since it dictates the characteristics of the storage facilities, their size, structural characteristics, location, and even number of employees. Depending on the chosen location for the waste disposal facilities, the geology and soil characteristics might induce potential risks as well, thereby making the challenge of selecting a waste management facility location an even greater task.

Since there are different types of waste, sorting them becomes the first and most important challenge in the process of disposal and management. The ideal case is where the sorting takes place right at the beginning of the cycle, when the actual users are required to place their respective waste into different containers, in accordance with a strict set of regulations and guidelines. This ensures a pre-processing step, which is vital if the waste management process is to be carried out in an efficient manner.

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