Waste Management can be a challenging task, especially in today’s ever-growing and fast-paced environment, due to the constant increase in the population numbers and corresponding consumer percentages. A rigorous plan for collecting, storing, recycling or disposing waste is of paramount importance if one needs to achieve a sustainable living for any given society.

This blog aims at tackling the various aspects concerning waste management and all the different processes, standards and techniques used by this important segment of everyday life. In the following pages, users will be able to find various articles, covering the nature of hazardous waste, the actual process of waste disposal and its challenges, as well as other interesting facts and information about the waste industry.

Considering the actual global trends with regard to population growth, the increase in the resulting waste is more than proportional, achieving even exponential values, due to the very high per-capita ratio of produced waste. In some countries alone, the daily waste production per individual can surpass several hundred kilograms and these numbers are rising daily. In order to attempt for a better waste management industry and more efficient waste disposal, one must first act on the first level, that of the individuals as consumers.

By rising awareness about the increase in waste quantities and the importance of a sustainable living, those in the waste management industry can achieve a better and more efficient management, since the actual waste producers will be more inclined to adhere to a recommended routine.

Waste management techniques, information about landfills or even special and unusual waste will be provided in the following pages, therefore everyone is invited to have a look.